Potbelly Pigs

Donald,  Pluto, Mickey, Pete, and Sig

Donald, Mickey, Pluto, and Pete

Left to right: Mickey, Donald, Pete, and Pluto

These guys are all potbellied pigs. They were part of a large group of pigs taken in by Hightail Horse Ranch and Rescue. All of the pigs found homes… except these four. Apparently no one wants unsocialized potbellies. Except us! We wanted them! So these boys came to live at the ARRR in August of 2014. Donald, the black one, only has 3 working legs. He has gotten to the point of letting us give him a brief scratch once in while. The littlest one, Pluto, is curious about being petted and scratched, but every time we try he squeels and steps back. Mickey will now let us briefly touch him on the nose before backing off. Pete, the biggest of the bunch, is also the most timid. He will walk along side of us now but does not allow petting. All four of them will gladly accept treats, of course, with one of their favorites being peanut butter cookies made especially for potbelly pigs. They are lazy pigs and spend much of their time napping in the barn or laying in the mud pit.

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Sig the pig joined up with the rest in the middle of January 2015. His previous owners cared about him but were in a situation where they could no longer keep him. When Sig first arrived, the only thing he would eat was cracked corn. We slowly changed his diet over to a feed made especially for potbellied pigs and now he only gets corn for a treat. Sig is very socialized; he comes right up to us and waits for pets, scratches, and belly rubs. He also follows us around like a puppy. His previous owner let him have the run of the farmyard, and we would like to do that too… soon as we are better set up with fencing and such. Sig is a good pig.

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