Rescue Cats

Greta, Thomas O’Malley, Primalyn, “The Fab Five”, and “The Three Kings”



Greta was brought to ARRR because her owner was simply overrun with cats and could not take care of them all. Greta was only 4 year years old but had delivered 5 litters of kittens (none of which survived). She was thin, had oily hair, and generally low energy when she came to live on the ARRR in the summer of 2014. She was immediately spayed and put on a high-quality diet. Greta is still slender but not skinny, her coat is now lovely (except when she comes in from a roll in the dust outside), and she has energy to hunt and play.

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Thomas O’Malley


A kind person witnessed Thomas O’Malley being thrown from a car window, so she collected him and contacted ARRR. He was less than a year old and had some behavioral issues, such as attacking without warning. We had him neutered right away and patiently taught him that there was no need to attack people. Slowly his aggressive behavior diminished, and now we rarely see any trace of his past issues. Thomas O’Malley has grown into a strapping young lad and loves to roam the ranch while hunting, climb trees, and of course nap.

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The same person who brought Greta to us, also brought Primalyn. At first Primalyn lived with a ranch hand and spent a lot of time roaming the ranch. Then she moved into the main house to join the rest of ARRR’s cat family. Soon she let it be known that, although she still likes a daily run outside, she is indeed a house kitty and prefers napping in her own bed on top of the desk.

“The Fab Five”

A local farm had many cats and kittens that were not being cared for. Some young people visiting the farm persuaded the owners to allow the kittens to be relocated. After making arrangements with ARRR, the rescuers went about the business of searching the farm for hiding kittens. Two kittens died in the hands of the rescuers on the way to the collection point, so the eight that made it here alive late that night are very lucky. The rescuers adopted the three smallest kittens and the remaining five were taken to ARRR. Barely alive, filthy, and eyes matted shut when they arrived late that night, they were entirely too young to be without moms. ARRR bottle fed them, cleaned them up, and tucked them in for the night. A visit to the vet confirmed that the kittens had upper respiratory infection, which is a virus they will always carry. After many trips to the vet, shots, spay and neutering, ARRR posted the kittens for adoption on the humane society Facebook page. And we waited. But by the time anyone expressed interest in any of the kittens, it was too late; we had become completely bonded and decided to keep them at the ranch. This turned out to be a good decision, as it was later discovered that all of the kittens have been exposed to the coronavirus which can be transmitted to other cats. Coronavirus has the potential to mutate into a deadly disease known as FIP. If these kittens had been adopted out, the coronavirus may have spread to others. The kittens grew into seemingly healthy cats; they are full of energy, personality, and love! At the age of 1 year and 4 months, the smallest of the lot developed FIP and died in late October of 2014 (see little Otto’s story on our memorial page). His siblings, Sasha, Frankie, Stanley, and Katheryn are still doing great!

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“The Three Kings”


The before and after photos tell the story of these three cats, so here is bit originally written in private to a personal friend: “I will now paint a picture for you, it happened this morning. Flint came downstairs looking for me. You know, the gutted basement with a dusty bare cement floor and sunlight streaming in the windows. He found me there, wearing my crappy rubber sandals, olive green sweat pants with paint all over them, and a blue and white tie dye t-shirt with a couple holes in it. In my arms were three very small, recently rescued kittens. They were all snuggled up under my chin and purring as I whispered sweet nothings in their ears. Flint stood face to face with me then bowed his head to snuggle in with the kittens. His hands reached up to scratch chins as he spoke to them, telling them that now they are safe and loved and are little kings. One of the kittens reached up to bat at a strand of hair that had fallen out of Flint’s pony tail. It happened so naturally that I didn’t even notice right away, but soon my and Flint’s foreheads were touching as we continued cooing to my armload of motherless kittens. A tear snuck down my check as I remembered the condition these kittens were in when I first saw them and what they must have endured. I wondered how they felt now, and was thankful that they hadn’t died. I was sad for all the kittens that would never know love and the security of a good home, and I was thankful for my Flint who has the heart of a lion and the willingness to support yet another batch of unwanted kittens. Unwanted kittens that have been named after kings.”

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