Welcome to our ranch!

Harold and Petunia

We are embarking on a new journey, one which we have dreamed of for years. This, a retired cattle ranch and wheat farm, has transitioned to a home for rescued and retired farm animals of all types. The ranch is run by a landlocked pirate and his wife. Of course we couldn’t do it without the help of our shipmate (aka- ranch hand), Juan. His dedication means everything, especially considering the hot summer months when the work days are long and hectic, followed by the long winter months which are not only a bit dull but can be extremely cold. ARRR is fortunate enough to have occasional volunteers as well; they provide a little extra TLC. The number of animals we take in will remain small until we are set up to handle more. We are just getting our feet wet and hope that this journey will result in a comfortable and safe home for many critters. Please jump aboard and follow along with the adventure!



Ranch Owners


Flint (Aka “The Captain”) Bibler

Captain and Rose

Flint was born in Williston and grew up on this ranch which belonged to his grandparents. Flint has a quick mind and wit. When the world is too much… animals have always calmed him, befriended him, loved him. It is not unusual to see any number of critters just following him around. Flint left this area for a number of years, during which time he worked on a ship and developed a love for the sea… hence his nickname,”The Captain”. (ALSO family ancestry research revealed the surname Morgan on his mother’s side, which was traced back to the pirate Captain Morgan). Home kept calling; however, and he finally moved back to care for his grandmother. After her passing, Flint took over the family ranch. With it he decided to do something to give back to animals and with hopes that it would help to enrich the community.


Jennifer Eide Bibler

Jennifer was born and raised in the Williston area. When she was young her parents ran a cattle ranch, and yet, on her 21st birthday, she became vegetarian. Jennifer’s parents, having instilled in her a respect for all living creatures, were certainly not surprised by her decision and fully supported it; however, she did take a little good-natured teasing on occasion. Also, she now strives to be vegan. Throughout Jennifer’s life, animals (particularly cats) were there for her even when life’s journey was difficult. Animals freely give of themselves, even though many times so much is taken from them. Jennifer has always wanted to return something to the downtrodden and forgotten ones. She love to feed animals, tend to their needs and wounds, and give them a safe place to call home.


Ranch Hands


Juan Ramirez


Juan is our Ranch Foreman; he started at the beginning of 2015. Juan moved his wife, Maria, and their new baby, Juan Jr., from Arizona to live and work on the ARRR Ranch. Jane, their daughter, was born in 2015. Juan is proving to be very reliable, dependable, quick learner, hard worker, and also very good with the animals. He likes to work with the horses and learning natural horsemanship skills.


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